Our job is making windows where there were once walls

Our mission

The way of life can be free and beautiful - Charlie Chaplin
Connecting people to contribute to and encourage justice reform

About CHAINS International

Striving for effective and humane justice systems globally by connecting people

We create projects together with young talented people and experienced professionals, all with different educational backgrounds, like engineering, documentary makers, international and European law, social psychology, and software developers. They develop and implement innovative ideas in a ‘SMART’ way to realize the ambitions of CHAINS. Inspired by new innovative ideas from science, society, and businesses the goal of CHAINS is to stimulate cooperation between all these stakeholders in order to make the transition to a more effective and humane (justice) system for people incarcerated.

Incarceration in this case means: every situation in which the physical and/or mental freedom of an individual is limited. An incarcerated individual is every human being that is being limited in his or her freedom, whether this is mentally and/or physically. Among the target groups are people in prison but also homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric institutions and asylum seekers centers.



Our 'chainbreakers' are commited to helping those people that are unduly restricted in their freedom
Veronique Aicha Achoui
Founder of CHAINS
Veronique Aicha has an educational background in Social Psychology and European Politics. For CHAINS she is since 2015 the project leader of the European project Real Life. Before she has worked for the film production company Hazazah for some years. Her interest lies in connecting people and organizations who are dealing with justice reform. Since 2016 she is also chair of European Prison Education Association Netherlands.
Annemarie van Duijn
Board member
“Sterk en kwetsbaar. Andy is een singer songwriter die je met haar onverbloemde eerlijkheid in korte tijd weet te raken en in beroering brengt, waarna ze je weer veilig terugbrengt naar waar je was.” Naast haar muziek werkt zij voor FMO, een Nederlandse ontwikkelingsbank. www.officialandy.com
Wim v/d Aar
Board member
“Being a true autodidact, Wim van der Aar (1964) started off making mostly experimental movies, but soon proved to be a gifted commercial director. Other than the famed and, more often than not, humorous commercials he directed for Albert Heijn and Calvé amongst others (Wim directed over 500 in total!), you may also know him from some of his beautiful and surprising documentaries.” – Halal
Rogier Elshout
Rogier Elshout (Rotterdam, 1984) is chairman of Chains. He is focused on making Chains mare all round, effective and well organized. Besides being a board member of several organizations, he works as professional moderator of debates, conferences and events. He helps developing concepts that are creative, interactive and focused on results. He also trains professionals in all aspects of the spoken word, such as debating, speeching, chairing meetings & event design. He volunteered as reintegration coach for for former convicts.

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